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Visual spatial effects and communication

Colours affect people, induce emotions and often evoke memories, which is why not only artists but also scientists, psychologists, planners, and writers are all preoccupied with colour. Choosing colour is a very demanding task for architects, one that can have an enormous impact if it is carried out professionally.

Colour in the past, present and future

DETAIL Practice “Colour” provides the expertise that every architect working with colour needs, covering colour theory and the laws of colour harmony through the basics of colour perception and colour’s effects, and up to strategies for developing consistent colour concepts in the design process. Colours in the city and country, historic observations on the culture of colour, facts on colour’s main spatial effects, its materiality, on the influence of light and colour on design, and on colour schemes and systems round out the book’s theoretical section. Examples of colour use in interiors and on exteriors in various international projects highlight successful instances of colour design and provide inspiration for readers own work.

* Design fundamentals
* Conceptual colour design
* Designing spatial atmospheres
* Visual communication

Autor: Axel Buether
NEW August 2014
120 pages with numerous drawings and photos
Format 21 x 29,7 cm
ISBN 978-3-95553-208-6


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