DETAIL Prac­tice Colour

Visual spatial effects and communication

Colours affect people, induce emotions and often evoke memories, which is why not only artists but also scientists, psychologists, planners, and writers are all preoccupied with colour. Choosing colour is a very demanding task for architects, one that can have an enormous impact if it is carried out professionally.

Colour in the past, pre­sent and future

DETAIL Prac­tice »Colour« pro­vi­des the exper­ti­se that every archi­tect working with colour needs, covering colour theo­ry and the laws of colour har­mo­ny through the basics of colour per­cep­ti­on and colour’s effects, and up to stra­te­gies for deve­lo­ping con­sis­tent colour con­cepts in the design pro­cess. Colours in the city and coun­try, his­to­ric obser­va­tions on the cul­tu­re of colour, facts on colour’s main spa­ti­al effects, its mate­ria­li­ty, on the influ­ence of light and colour on design, and on colour sche­mes and sys­tems round out the book’s theo­reti­cal sec­tion. Examp­les of colour use in inte­ri­ors and on exte­ri­ors in various inter­na­tio­nal pro­jects high­light suc­cess­ful ins­tan­ces of colour design and pro­vi­de inspi­ra­ti­on for readers own work.

* Design fun­da­men­tals
* Con­cep­tu­al colour design
* Desi­gning spa­ti­al atmo­s­phe­res
* Visu­al com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on

Autor: Axel Bue­ther
NEW August 2014
120 pages with nume­rous drawings and pho­tos
For­mat 21 x 29,7 cm
ISBN 978−3−95553−208−6


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