Media Art Instal­la­ti­on »İzmir Mozaic«

PORTIZMIR International Contemporary Art Triennial

Atmospheric composition of colors, light, fog and sounds from the Turkish Mediterranean metropolis of Izmir. Opening of the Media-Art-Installation Friday, February 23, 2018 at Konak Pier Izmir.

Media Art Instal­la­ti­on „İzmir Mozaic« — PORTIZMIR Inter­na­tio­nal Con­tem­pora­ry Art Tri­en­ni­al


The media art instal­la­ti­on is part of the PORTIZMIR Inter­na­tio­nal Con­tem­pora­ry Art Tri­en­ni­al. The instal­la­ti­on is loca­ted at Konak Pier on Izmir Bay. The Tur­kish com­po­ser Meh­met Can Özer and the Ger­man media artists Axel Bue­ther and Susa Pan­krath have desi­gned 12 moods of the Tur­kish metro­po­lis Izmir. The atmo­s­phe­res con­sist of fog, sounds, light and colors. Visi­tors can feel the dyna­mic chan­ge of atmo­s­phe­res with all their sen­ses. The images of the his­to­ric and modern metro­po­lis of Izmir ari­se again and again befo­re the eyes and in the mind of the visi­tors.


The ope­ning of the Media-Art-Instal­la­ti­on was on Fri­day, Febru­ary 23, 2018 at Konak Pier.


1.    Adn­an Men­de­res Air­port

2.    Izmir Bay

3.    Salih­li Bus Sta­ti­on

4.    Urla Sce­ne­ry
5.    City of Con­struc­tion
6.    Ces­me High­way
7.    Konak

8.    Keme­r­al­ti
9.    City of Trans­for­ma­ti­on

10.  Noc­turne
11.  Tole­ran­ce
12.  Bas­ma­ne

Sketch for the Mood : Keme­r­al­ti Mar­ket


Meh­met Can Özer / Com­po­ser
Axel Bue­ther & Susa Pan­krath / Media Artist
Assi­s­tan­ce: Hei­ke Krauss & Matt Gin­gold

K2 Con­tem­pora­ry Art Cen­ter

K2 is a non governmen­tal orga­ni­za­ti­on which has been active in Izmir sin­ce 2003. With the PORTIZMIR pro­jects, it aims to mobi­li­se the art and cul­tu­re dyna­mics of the city of Izmir and bring art toge­ther with a wider audi­ence via the inter­na­tio­nal con­tem­pora­ry art plat­form.


With fri­end­ly sup­port Goe­the­in­sti­tuts Izmir

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